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31 Years old Egyptian Living in London since 2004 with my husband and my two daughters..Member editor for the Egyptian magazine (Kelmetna)since 1999.... Finally, I have my own space to share with my readers :) SIMPLE WORDS 4 EASY LIFE

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Welcome All,

1st of all I want 2 welcome everyone who is going 2 read my simple words.. and give me his/her opinion.. waiting ur comments.. maybe one day change ourselves.. maybe one day someone in somewhere'll know his aim in life.. and I'll try 2 help by giving space for discussing alot of topics here.. waiting 4 ur co-opertions and ur new ideas 4 challange..
Rehab EL Melehy


Anonymous said...

al7amdollah at last you have your owen page so you can writ what ever you want and ppl can read.

rabana yewaf2ek ya rabb tell you have your owen site inshallah

Anonymous said...

salam ya 7abebe

all the best inshallahh in these new pag for u.

all the support from me roshan to my sweet hart hobaaa

A.Melehy said...

عزيزتي رحاب

كلماتك جميلة مفعمة بالحياة تعطي صورة واضحة لما تصفين تمام كاميرا رقمية تلتقط صورة دقيقة تصفها بكل البساطة والصدق.

تمنياتي لك وللجميع بالصحة والعافية

Azza said...

Salam ya hoba

well done on creating this site...its an excellent opportunity to express urself via ur articles ....can't wait to read more of ur work ....


Anonymous said...

هاى حوبة .. كلامك جميل رغم ان القاموس عمانى لحد ماترجمت الكلام .. بس مش مشكلة .. مستنى أشوف هنا الحاجات اللى كتبتيها عن اصحابك .. جد مؤثرة قوى وجميلة .. ماتتأخريش
أحمد مختار

Anonymous said...

Salam ya Re7ab,

Excellent work and Mashallah excellent talent, Rabina yewafa2ek Inshallah